Monday, November 14, 2011

Simple Stripe goes public

Setting up my 4' x 8' table on Saturday, at the Holiday Market I participated in, brought me back to the days of Knock Knock when I would set up for the trade shows in NYC. Of course - my teeny tiny table could not compare to the booth KK had. KK booths took months to plan and days to assemble. Set up for Simple Stripe in Rochester, NY? 3 minutes. And I had helpers (Thank you Peter and Mom).

My "goal" was to sell the pillows I had made specifically for the show (10). I have been preparing for this all week, staying up late in the basement, cutting, sewing, stitching, stuffing, wrapping, packing etc. with Tony Soprano by my side (I'm addicted - now on Season 3). I was convinced pillows would fly off the table. I would take so many orders that I would have to turn people down: "I'll be in touch after the first of the year when things slow down". I really wanted to say that. But unfortunately none of that happened.

(my order forms)

I sold 2 pillows.

Actually 4 but I made my sister and friend come in and order so I didn't feel completely defeated. Surprising I am not upset. Those 2 pillows are the first two pillows that I have sold to complete and total strangers and I am thrilled!

(my official sign)

I got my name out there and that's all that matters. I handed out a lot of business cards and talked to a lot of people. Overall I think it was a Saturday well spent. I am doing another show, Crafts for a Cause on December 3rd and I am excited for that.

Hopefully I'll sell 3 pillows!

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  1. yay! welcome back...and those pillows are so darn cute i want one in every letter :)