Thursday, June 18, 2009

51 Days and 14 weeks

51 days until the BIG day! Holy cow. I would say that time flies - but it doesn't. Maybe it's because I am super excited to get married. Maybe it's because my sister is having a baby in 2.5 weeks. Time has been going very S L O O O W.

14 weeks is how old little Dozer is (pics to come soon). Bill and I joke about how we are farming poop and pee. It seems all we do is clean up poop and pee. Great. Why I thought it was a good idea to get another pup - I'll never know - but I had to get him out of there (there being that cage he was in - all by his lonesome).

For some reason I have kicked in to high gear with the wedding. Check out my do list:
  • Address invitations, get stamps and send them out - (more on this later)
  • Buy wedding shoes at - DONE
  • Go to Crescent Moon to look at toilets Friday 6/19 @ 2 pm
  • Get Bill's suit tailored - DONE
  • Order headpiece - DONE
  • Finish programs
  • Pick out and order wedding bands/rings - DONE
  • Pay awesome photographer last payment - DONE
  • Email caterer to fin dout final $$$ amt. due - DONE
  • Buy hot pink tissue paper for puff balls
  • Get jars from Sharon - DONE
  • Marriage license (county offices)
  • Guest book @ Michael's - DONE
  • Bill - shoes?
  • Wedding gifts
  • Call Jojo for rehearsal dinner - DONE - but they haven't called back
  • Find a birdcage for wedding cards
  • Buy garbage cans for reception
  • Reserve valet service - DONE
  • Make confetti out of misspelled invitations
  • Assemble mason jars with wire

I also started moving all finished wedding projects to Peter and Jason's house (thank you)! This is my list of things that are residing at Peter and Jason's:

  • Votive candles
  • Battery operated tealights
  • Flip flop basket
  • Trifle dishes
  • Scoops
  • Favors
  • Napkins and matchbooks

This is what still has to travel to Peter and Jason's (thank you!):

  • Crystal candle sticks
  • Candles
  • Buckets for kids tables
  • Organza
  • Photo booth fabric
  • Guest book and pens
  • Polaroid camera and film

It's alot - but it is super fun!

Now Lauren - HAVE THAT BABY!!!!