Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have been crafting my ass off lately. Yup. Crafting.

I am elbow deep in a Christmas project - hostess gifts for the parties we may (or may not) go to. I want to be ready. No last minute "what should I bring?"

But this is what I wanted to ask everyone - what do you typically bring as a hostess gift? Don't say wine. Everybody brings wine.

PLEASE comment - don't be afraid. I get depressed when I ask a question and no one comments. Like the post
here. The two people who responded? My husband and Mom. They have to respond. It's their job.

Don't depress me people it's only Tuesday.


  1. I like to bring either gym socks or a can of tennis balls as hostess gifts when we go to parties.

  2. I can appreciate both items. Useful and different. Thank you!

  3. Don't you knit? Everyone loves a new scarf in the winter.

    Other ideas I really like are a mnuffin basket for a quick breakfast the next day or a home cooked dinner that the hostess can toss in the freezer during the event and pop in the oven the next evening. The idea is that since they've spent so much time prepping for the event and then clean up, you're taking away one less chore the following day :)

    p.s. I just assumed you knew I still read. xoxo

  4. I usually give my red hot pepper jelly, which I'm about to start canning this week. Would you like some?!

  5. Hmmmm. Red pepper jelly sounds delicious!!!

  6. Okay so it is close to wine but I love to bring Champagne. A gentle reminder to the host/hostess to toast often to the splendor in their lives. I know I know...not crafty but thoughtful and appreciative.