Wednesday, April 29, 2009

101 Days

I have an iPhone application titled "Days Until". It is the countdown for my wedding. I have 101 more days. On Friday, I will be in the double digits - 99 to go. People keep saying "it goes by so fast" and to be quite honest - I think just the opposite. Maybe it's the anticipation that is making it drag - or the fact that I am so damn organized. I don't know.

This weekend I got all supplies for the wedding: votive candles that already have the wax in them (genius):

Battery operated tea lights that I am going to put in mason jars and hang from the trees in the yard:

I am running a test on these little suckers right now. I turned them on 45 hours ago and they are still on! I am pretty excited about this - now I don't have to worry about them blowing out on their own. I actually have to worry if they'll ever turn off!

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